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Freshbay to launch geothermal-powered CEA facility in Alberta

February 21, 2023  By Fruit & Vegetable

On Feb. 21, Freshbay Inc. announced it has received a purchase agreement from Berrymobile Fruit Distribution Inc. is one of western Canada’s premium, local, soft fruit wholesalers, for 15 million pounds of strawberries annually. This is a major step toward securing the economics of Freshbay’s  agriculture facility near Hinton, Alta.

As announced on Feb. 9, Freshbay is launching a large-scale, deep earth geothermal-powered, 19-acre controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) facility, expected to begin operations in Hinton in January 2024. The project will use cutting-edge vertical farming technologies, greenhouses, and scientific horticulture procedures to create 100 per cent sustainable operations to grow herbs, strawberries and tropical fruits year-round in remote regions. Freshbay is set to provide a major boost to the local economy, specifically by creating a projected 450 new full-time jobs.

This first of its kind project uses heat from geothermal wells and cogeneration to directly heat, power and supplement CO2-enriched air for over 800,000 square feet of new Atlantis greenhouses outfitted with Affinor Growers Inc. turnkey vertical farming technology.


As per the Letter of Intent with Affinor dated Feb. 10, the sales agreement for the strawberries is produced under the Affinor Growers’ Grade A brand “Affinoria Fragaria.” The strawberries were market-tested for quality and shelf life in Vancouver over the winter of 2022, and distributed by Berrymobile to excess demand. The sales price will remain undisclosed until the facility is in full production.

“Based on the success of Affinor’s commercial pilot and excess demand for Berrymobile’s strawberries, compounded with this purchase agreement, we have firmly established the economic viability of our production plans,” said Vic Reddy, Freshbay CEO, in a statement.

“Our strategic partners Novus Earth and Affinor Growers Inc. are cutting-edge engineering and technology companies working hand-in-hand to create the first of its kind project for geothermal powered greenhouse production in Canada. It comes at a good time for us to contribute to Alberta’s economic revitalization.”

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