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Canada celebrates agriculture on Feb. 15

February 8, 2023  By Fruit & Vegetable

Canadians from coast to coast are invited to participate in Canada’s Agriculture Day celebrations on Feb. 15 – a day that highlights the food we love and the people who produce it.

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) leads the online forum Agriculture More Than Ever, which fosters positive discussions about agriculture and food and builds trust between producers and consumers. Ag More Than Ever has been the driving force behind Canada’s Agriculture Day, launched in 2017 to celebrate Canadian agriculture, food and everyone who works in the industry.

“Canadian agriculture is a vital and resilient industry that continues to provide safe, high-quality food for Canadians and people around the world,” said John Jamieson, president and CEO of CCFI, in a statement. “We are proud of the hardworking farmers and industry professionals who are committed to the responsible and sustainable production of food.”


Canada’s Agriculture Day embraces and recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of our farmers and agri-food industry. This sector plays a crucial role in feeding our nation, people around the globe and maintaining a strong economy.

The annual celebration is an opportunity to express our gratitude to farmers for their dedication and hard work. Regardless of weather conditions and challenges, they continue to provide us with nutritious and safe food.

Canadians are invited to share their love for Canadian food on Feb. 15 by using the official hashtag #CdnAgDay on social media. Some creative ways to join the online celebrations include preparing a meal made from Canadian ingredients, sharing photos and videos of Canadian agriculture and local food, and thanking our farmers for their hard work and nutritious food they provide to Canadians and people around the world.

“On Canada’s Agriculture Day, I invite you to raise your forks to our farmers. Their passion, tenacity, adaptability and commitment to the protection of the environment and animal welfare allow us to continue being a global leader in sustainable agriculture,” said Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal minister of agriculture and agri-food, in a statement.

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