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Bayer to launch organic seed portfolio in 2022

September 22, 2021  By Bayer (press release)

On Sept. 22, Bayer announced it will expand its vegetable seeds offerings under the new Vegetables by Bayer umbrella to include organically produced seed. The launch will focus on certified organic production in three key crops for the greenhouse and glasshouse market: tomato, sweet pepper and cucumber. These will be followed by tomato rootstock varieties in 2023. Varieties will be sold under both the Seminis and De Ruiter vegetable seed brands.

Global consumer demand for certified-organic products continues to grow and is predicted to drive market expansion. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) estimates that today’s global organic food market is worth more than €106 billion (approximately $158.4 billion CAD). The global organic food seeds market was valued at $355 million USD (approx. $452 million CAD) in 2020, and is expected to grow to $480 million USD (approx. $611 million CAD) by 2025 with a 6.2 per cent CAGR (compound annual growth rate).This increased demand presents a valuable opportunity for many of Bayer‘s vegetable seeds customers to grow their businesses while supporting consumer food choice and promoting access to nutritious fruits and vegetables.

The commercial launch for the new certified organic portfolio is planned for early 2022 and will focus on the high-growth organic markets of Canada, United States, Mexico, Spain and Italy, with potential for future expansion based on market demand. In the meantime, the company is taking all necessary steps to obtain the proper certification at its facilities to prepare for the receiving, processing, storage and distribution of certified organic seeds. The vegetable seed offerings join Bayer’s non-synthetic crop production and crop protection products, or biologicals, as another critical tool for certified organic growers around the world.

More information regarding the launch of Bayer’s certified organic vegetable seeds will be made available in the coming months. Learn more at

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