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Bayer launches new fungicide for apples, grapes

January 16, 2013  By Press release

January 16, 2013, Guelph, Ont – Bayer CropScience is introducing Luna Tranquility, a new fungicide that delivers disease protection for apples and wine grapes.

A broad spectrum fungicide with Group 7 (fluopyram) and 9 (pyrimethanil) modes of action, Luna Tranquility is an all-in-one formulation with preventative, systemic and post-infection (for apple scab) properties.

“Within a new and unique class of the Group 7 fungicides, Luna Tranquility is unlike any other previous SDHI fungicide,” said David Kikkert, portfolio manager for horticulture with Bayer CropScience. “Luna Tranquility is the only co-formulation fungicide that controls leaf scab in apples (including currently resistant strains), while providing protection against powdery mildew through the same application. For grape growers, Luna Tranquility is the only fungicide that controls both powdery mildew and botrytis in grapes.”


Luna Tranquility is a systemic fungicide best suited for use in a preventative treatment program.

“By providing unprecedented control of two of the most problematic fungal diseases in both apples and wine grapes, Luna Tranquility will help growers deliver the highest quality crop possible,” said Kikkert.

Luna Tranquility is formulated as a 500 g/L suspension concentrate and is available in two litre jugs.

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