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Bauer Monostar

April 17, 2008  By Fruit & Vegetable

bauer_monostarFlexibility and efficiency are the top characteristics of the new “star” among Bauer products – the Monostar.

bauer_monostarFlexibility and efficiency are the top characteristics of the new “star” among Bauer products – the Monostar. Designed to serve mid-sized agricultural enterprises with areas of 10 to 50 hectares, the Monostar is a pivoting and towable machine that works with an energy saving low-pressure system (beginning with a connection pressure of 3 bar), helping to keep operating costs down. While linear move systems need a low pump pressure but have limited flexibility, and hose reel irrigators are highly flexible but the necessary pump pressure has an adverse impact on energy consumption, the Monostar takes the positive qualities from both systems and combines them into one, resulting in irrigation efficiency of up to 90 per cent. Because of the low drop energy, the Monostar is doing no harm to the crop. The low irrigation intensity is also very soil-friendly, avoids silting and run off. And the low operating costs make the purchase price of the Monostar amortize over 3.4 and 1.5 years respectively, compared to a hose reel machine with gun and spray boom.

The Monostar is available in two versions – Type A: machine with two overhangs, a total length of 106 metres, and an irrigation strip width of 160 metres. It is towable by tractor from both sides or it may move as a self-propelled machine. The central tower is equipped with steerable wheels that are electrically controlled by the means of a control box. A second hose connection for the end tower and a steering device for independent moving of the machine are available as options. Type B: has a maximum length of 82.5 metres – pivoting and towable version – with one overhang. When irrigating in pivoting mode, strip widths of up to 224 metres are possible. This machine is also very user friendly – application rates and operating mode are programmed in the control center. When working in pivoting mode, a pivot stand is hydraulically lowered to assure system stability. An end stop with stop plates guarantees high operation safety during pivoting. This machine can also be equipped with an optional steering device so that the user is able to move it without tractor assistance.


The Monostar is delivered unassembled and can be assembled on site, reducing transport costs for the end customer.

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