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Allegro fungicide label expanded for apples

May 7, 2015  By Press release

May 7, 2015, Guelph, Ont – Syngenta Canada Inc. recently announced that apple growers will benefit from broadened disease protection, thanks to a label expansion for Allegro 500F fungicide.

The Allegro label now includes indications for control of bitter rot (Botryosphaeria obtusa), cedar apple rust (Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae) and Alternaria blotch (Alternaria mali). The Allegro label expansion also includes suppression of black rot (Colletotrichum spp.), Brooks fruit spot (Mycosphaerella pomi) and quince rust (Gymnosporangium clavipes).

“These latest additions to the Allegro label represent a step change in helping growers produce high-quality, harvestable fruit,” said Eric Phillips, fungicide and insecticide product lead with Syngenta Canada.


Allegro is a broad-spectrum fungicide that contains the active ingredient fluazinam, from the pyridinamine class of chemistry (Group 29). The product’s multi-site activity and liquid formulation allow for control of a broad range of diseases at low use rates.

The registered application rate of 0.75 L/ha to 1 L/ha addresses diseases that affect high-value, high-density plantings of new apple varieties – including gala, ambrosia, sweet tango and honey crisp – that are more prone to attack from bitter rot and black rot.

Another component of the Allegro label expansion is a reduced rate from 1 L/ha to 0.5 L/ha on apple scab (Venturia inaequalis), flyspeck (Schizothyrium pomi) and sooty blotch (Gloeodes pomigena).

“This lower rate supports a cost-effective summer spray schedule on traditional varieties for secondary scab,” said Phillips.

Allegro also suppresses several mite species that infest apple orchards. Growers can follow an Agri-Mek insecticide mite treatment at petal fall, with summer cover sprays of Allegro as part of their spray schedule, contributing to effective management of diseases and mites. Consult the product label for additional information.

To learn more about Allegro, please contact your local Syngenta representative, visit the Allegro 500F product page on or contact the Customer Resource Centre at 1 87 SYNGENTA (1‑877‑964‑3682).

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