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Agricultural issues facing tough scrutiny

October 23, 2012  By David Manly

Oct. 23, 2012 -The Canadian agriculture industry has been having a tough time lately, and no one seemingly knows it better that Agricultural Minister Gerry Ritz.

According to an article in the Hill Times, Minister Ritz is the most lobbied minister in the Cabinet, primarily due to national agricultural issues regarding trade, legislation, the uncertain fate of supply management and the current beef recall.

“That’s because the ag and ag-food industry is the biggest industry in Canada. It has surpassed in GDP the auto industry. It is huge,” said Liberal MP Frank Valeriote in the article. “If you think about it, from the farmer, to the input suppliers like fertilizer and pesticides, to grain for feed, then to the processors then to the retailers, it is a huge industry and it’s our responsibility to be informed.”


For more on the difficulties facing the Canadian agriculture industry, please see the complete article at the Hill Times.

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