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Agri‑Mek SC registered

February 24, 2015  By Press release

February 23, 2015, Guelph, Ont – Syngenta Canada Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Agri‑Mek SC, a new miticide-insecticide formulation for use on speciality and horticulture crops, including apples, grapes, potatoes and onions.

Agri‑Mek SC provides control of several species of economically significant mites and insects, as well as onion thrips.

“Agri‑Mek SC represents an improved standard for mite and insect control,” says Eric Phillips, product lead for fungicides and insecticides for Syngenta Canada. “Growers using the product can benefit from the concentrated formulation, which is effective at lower use rates and requires less product handling.”


Agri‑Mek SC is a Group 6 insecticide powered by the active ingredient abamectin. The translaminar activity of abamectin allows it to be absorbed rapidly, forming a reservoir of active ingredient within the leaf to provide residual control against mites and insects.

Agri‑Mek SC is also tank-mix compatible with many other commonly used crop protection products. Agri-Mek SC may be applied by ground or airblast at the first signs of pest presence.

For more information about Agri‑Mek SC, please contact your local Syngenta Representative, visit the Agri‑Mek SC product page on or contact our Customer Resource Centre at 1‑87‑SYNGENTA (1‑877‑964‑3682).

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