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AEF Global, BioWorks sign agreement

December 14, 2012  By Press release

December 14, 2012 – AEF Global, Inc. based out of Levis, Que., and BioWorks, Inc. of Victor, N.Y., recently announced they have established a biopesticide agreement for North America.

Under the agreement, AEF Global will distribute RootShield WP, RootShield HC, and MilStop in Canada on a non-exclusive basis, and exclusively market SuffOil-X. AEF Global will also market in these active ingredients under private labels, such as Sirocco, in Canada.

BioWorks will distribute in the United States and Mexico, under private labels, Bioprotec CAF, Influence WP, and a non-selective herbicide. BioWorks will also distribute Cyclone, Tivano, Buran, Influence LC, and Kona, a selective herbicide.


“This opportunity is a chance to introduce Canadian registered products in new markets and explore further outlets for label uses,” said Yannick Bidon, president and CEO of AEF Global. “AEF has over 22 registrations in Canada, placing us as a top biopesticide leader. More Canadian registrations are on the way but it’s time for the current ones to travel further and working with BioWorks will allow just that. We have great active ingredients, made in Canada, and we believe there is a big need for them elsewhere.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with AEF Global,” said Bill Foster, president and CEO of BioWorks. “With the partnership, we are bringing AEF Global leadership in Canada together with BioWorks leadership in the United States and Mexico. Their focus on ecological products fits naturally with our plant nutrition and biological pest and disease control products. Combining the AEF Global products to our portfolio strengthens our ability to meet customer needs.”

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