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AAFC invests in market growth for Canadian mushrooms

April 11, 2022  By Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

On April 4, Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food, announced an investment of up to $344,100 for the Canadian Mushroom Growers’ Association (Mushrooms Canada) to support market growth for Canada’s mushroom sector.

“As Canadian mushroom production continues to increase, industry continues to look for opportunities in domestic and export markets,” Bibeau said as part of the announcement. “This investment will help the industry seize these new opportunities, which brings economic benefits for Canada’s mushroom growers and fosters long-term growth for Canada’s agricultural sector.”

The funds, provided under the AgriMarketing Program, will be used to help Mushrooms Canada increase consumer and stakeholder knowledge of the nutritional benefits of mushrooms. The project aims to maintain and expand Canadian mushroom demand and consumption domestically and in the United States through industry-led promotional activities.


“This funding allows us to not only focus on current marketing activities, but to also invest in crucial strategic planning meant to build a more sustainable and adaptable long term marketing program,” said Mike Medeiros, president of Mushrooms Canada. “In turn, this helps support Canadian mushroom growers to continue to grow their business.”

Activities under the project will highlight Canadian mushrooms and leverage Canada’s reputation for high-quality products, helping to grow sustainable demand. This investment supports market expansion opportunities, which contribute to economic prosperity for Canada’s mushroom growers, support local economies and increase exports for the industry.

Production facts:

  • Canadian mushroom growers produced 132,589 metric tonnes of mushrooms in 2020, marking the fifth consecutive year-over-year increase in production.
  • Ontario and British Columbia are the leading producing provinces of mushrooms, together accounting for over 90 per cent of total production.
  • Canadian mushrooms had an export value of $361 million in 2020. The U.S. is the top export destination for fresh mushrooms, accounting for 97 per cent of export values.

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