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2007 New Varieties

March 26, 2008  By Fruit & Vegetable

nufar_yr gold_dust
Nufar Y.R.
A Grand Vert-type basil that is tolerant to
fusarium wilt.
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)


Gold Dust
A round-shaped, large sieve-style wax bean. Grows to 13 to 15 cm at maturity in 58 days. Good tolerance to bacterial brown spot. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)


A horticultural bean yielding 7" pods with deep red colour in 72 days. Pods contain 6-8 red-speckled beans. True bush habit will not runner under stress. (Photo, information 
courtesy of Seedway)
spezia soldier sbc_2519
These Roma-type flat pod beans have pod lengths of 15 cm and are grouped in clusters high on the plant. Medium green in colour with white seeds. Maturity in 52 days. Resistant to Mosaic. Improvement of Romano 942.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Semences BC)
This beet is a bull's blood type, maturing in 68 days. Grown mainly for its foliage, it
resembles Swiss Chard and is good for baby leaf lettuce.
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

SBC 2519
Similar to Diplomat, this summer-fall hybrid broccoli stands upright and is heat tolerant. It is bright green in colour, well domed and matures in 86 days. (Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)


royalty speedia goddess
An all-season broccoli that matures in 56 to 58 days. Plant grows to 40 cm making for an easy harvest.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Semences BC)

A compact plant, this hybrid Brussels sprout is a good early variety, maturing in 105 days. Sturdy, less susceptible to tipping over.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)


A large early melon at 70 days, weighing 1.8 – 2.7 kg. Oval shape with medium netting, light sutures and sweet. Tolerant to fusarium wilt (Races 0,1,2), powdery mildew (Race 1,2). 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)
white_satin abledo carrot_3019
White Satin
A cello-type, this carrot has white roots 23-25 cm long. Foliage height is 40-45 cm. This hybrid is suitable for mechanical harvest at 72 days. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

Similar to Cupar but
better yielding, this
processing carrot has roots of 22 x 7 cm and foliage of 45-50 cm. Matures at 85 days,
and stores well.  (Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

Carrot 3019
A Nantes-type carrot maturing in 65 to 70 days. Smooth, cylindrical root with blunt tip. Solidly attached foliage that resists bad weather
conditions. Better
performance than Bolero. 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Semences BC)
china_gold_yr cantaloupe_ssx_1044 greenland
China Gold Y.R.
With slow bolting and club root resistance, this Chinese cabbage has a solid, heavy head, similar to Yuki but matures earlier at 65 days. Dark green outer colour and yellow interior. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

Cantaloupe SSX 1044
Compares to standard eastern types, but is slightly smaller in fruit size with a small cavity. Performs well under typical eastern growing conditions. Resistant to fusarium wilt races 0,1, 2.  (Photo, information courtesy of Sakata)
A fall cauliflower hybrid that keeps its lime green colour when cooked. A short upright plant with well domed heads, maturing at 80 days. 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)


sevilla cobra impact
A summer-fall cauliflower with a pure white head and good wrapper leaves. Well domed and upright. Maturity: 75 days.   (Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

A dark, smooth cucumber. Consistent producer of 9" fruit in 60 days, even under stress. High resistance to PRSV, WMV, and ZYMV. 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Seedway)
An early maturing cucumber at 55 days with dark green fruit and high yields. Also has a very strong disease package.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Siegers)


pirate sultan zapata
Monoecious type for harvesting over a long period of time. Maturity: 57 days. Tolerant to cucumber mosaic virus, PM, DM, zucchini yellow mosaic virus. More information to come. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

Maturing at 55 days this Lebanese-type cuke is medium green, sweet and crisp at 14 cm x 3 cm. Tolerant to cucumber mosaic virus, zucchini
yellow mosaic virus, watermelon mosaic virus.
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)
A dark green, white-spined  pickle is early at 56 days. Has excellent fruit colour, uniformity and disease package. 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Siegers)

birgah galaxy_of_stars blue_ridge
A Sicilian style eggplant with a round, heavy, firm 10 x 10 cm fruit. Deep purple colour and sweet taste. Maturity: 70 days. (Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)

Galaxy of Stars – 2007
A hybrid gourd mixture shaped like a 5-point star. Comes in a variety of colours and matures in 90 to 100 days. Can be mechanically washed.
(Photo, Information
courtesy of Rupp)


Blue Ridge
A hybrid kale with dark blue-green foliage and a full curl on all leaves. Suitable for hand stripping, cutting or mechanical harvesting. Slow to bolt and matures in 55 days. (Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)
striker oarsman valley_heart
A long shafted upright plant of a dark blue-green colour. Easy to trim. Maturity at 110 days with medium tolerance to cold. (Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

A very vigorous and very uniform leek with dark leaves and a medium size shank. Maturity: 110 to 115 days.
(Photo, information courtesy of Semences BC)

Valley Heart
A tall and firm Romaine with medium green head maturing in 75 days. Tolerant to cold, tip burn and slow to bolt with slightly blistered large leaves.  (Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)


vicar camry
This Galia-type melon has a round shape with very tight netting, and a light green flesh. Maturity comes in 86 days. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Semences BC)

An early, large sized, firm yellow onion with a round shape and golden brown skin. Low tolerance to pink root. Short term storage and matures at 95 days.  (Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)
Matures at 118 days with large bulbs for colossal and jumbo sized onions. High
tolerance to basal rot (fusarium), pink root.  (Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)


mackenzie calibra peso
This hybrid is a uniform, large size yellow onion with a small neck,
golden brown skin. Good tolerance to pink root, basal rot (fusarium). Long term storage and maturity at 109 days.  (Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)
A classy bulb with a strong shiny copper skin and refined neck. Good mid-term storage and high yield at 115 days. Low tolerance to basal rot (fusarium), pink root. 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)


This Spanish onion is bigger than Sedona with a high percentage of colossal size in 120 days. Tolerant to pink root, basal rot (fusarium).
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

pak_choi_toy_choy pak_choi_li_ren_choi key_west
Pak Choi Toy Choy
This Oriental vegetable is a miniature-type plant for baby Pak Choï production. A semi-erect plant with green leaves and white stems. Good for summer sowings with maturity in 30 to 35 days.
(Photo, information courtesy of Semences BC)
Pak Choi Li Ren Choi
A miniature-type plant for baby Pak Choï production. Well adapted to tight sowings, this semi-erect plant has dark green leaves and stems. Good tolerance to heat and white rust. Matures in 30 days.
(Photo, information courtesy of Semences BC)
Key West
A Cubanelle improvement, this sweet pepper is 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm and is light green in colour
turning to red. Tolerant to bacterial leaf spot (Races 1,2,3). Maturity: 68 days.  (Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)

el_jefe excel agriset_4108
El Jefe
A very productive hot pepper with large fruits on vigorous plant (10 cm x 4 cm). Few cracks, no purpling. Dark green colour turning to red. Tolerant to bacterial leaf spot, potato virus Y. Maturity: 70 days.  (Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)
This green-red pepper is extra large, 4-lobed, blocky to deep blocky fruit with dark-green colour and thick walls. Performs well in California, Eastern U.S., and Mexico with good pack-outs.  (Photo, information courtesy of Sakata)

Agriset 4108
A hot, early maturing, large dark-green jalapeno with a heavy setting on sturdy, easy to harvest upright plants. Resists purpling, checking, with high resistance to
bacterial leaf spot 1,2,3.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Seedway)
 diablo_sweet  snapper  polaris
Diablo Sweet
Italian roasting pepper with a sweet, thick 9" fruit. Darker green when immature, turns glossy red at maturity in 70 days. Maintains length under stress. 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Seedway)

This blocky-type sweet pepper is vigorous with better sun protection than Aristotle. For high quality green or red pepper production. Matures in 65 to 70 days. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Semences BC)
A thick walled, extra large green pepper with uniformity and high yields. Tall growing with excellent cover. Matures at 69 days.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Siegers)


sopron yummy zsa_zsa
A mid-early sweet banana pepper that grows to 8" and matures at 70 days. Good for fresh marketing or processing with a straight fruit. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Siegers)

A sweet, crisp and
nearly seedless pepper. Good for lunch boxes and vegetable trays. Fruit is a colourful bright orange at maturity. Continuous setting.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Seedway)
Zsa Zsa
A sweet Hungarian stuffing pepper. Matures early with thick walls perfect for handling in the field. Immature ivory colour turns deep red at maturity in 65 days.  (Photo, information
courtesy of Seedway)
20_karat_gold batwing_mix hooligan
20 Karat Gold
A semi-bush hybrid pumpkin with dark orange rind and good handles. This 100-day pumpkin produces 18- to 22- lb. fruit, and is powdery mildew tolerant.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Rupp)

Batwing Mix
A multi-coloured pumpkin when picked young. Leave the fruit on the vine to
harvest at 90 days for a full orange fruit. Long
conservation with 7 cm x 7 cm fruits weighing 0.2-0.4 kg. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)
A stuffing pumpkin as well as decorative. Good yield with orange and white mottled colours. A 7.5 cm x 5 cm fruit weighing 0.1 kg at 95 days. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

magic_twenty conestoga_giant earlipack_ssx_5030
Magic Twenty
A round, very dark orange pumpkin with a medium green handle and attractive shape. Fruit weight ranges from 10 to 12 kg  with
maturity at 100 days.  (Photo, information
courtesy of Semences BC)
Conestoga Giant
Weighing in at 22 to 40 lbs., this slightly tall pumpkin has medium ribs and grows on a full vine. Strong dark handles, and moderate PM tolerance. Matures at 115 days.  
(Photo, information courtesy of Siegers)
Earlipack SSX 5030
A pumpkin with deep orange colour, uniform blocky round shape, 18-20 pound fruit. Dark green handles and good yields make it good for the bin market.  (Photo, information courtesy of Sakata)
gold_speck spartan world_of_colour
Gold Speck
This miniature pumpkin weighs one-quarter pound at maturity in 95 days. The majority of the fruit set early, close to the crown and escape virus flecking.  (Photo, information courtesy of Rupp)

A dark orange pumpkin with deep, distinctive ribs and a sturdy
handle. Approximately 25 lbs. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Seedway)


World of Colour
Very large pumpkins (60 -100 lbs.) in colours ranging from a fade-resistant dark red-orange to large white, large pink & blue, Hubbard blue, and peach.
(Photo, information courtesy of Rupp)

sra_2522 menorca atlas
SRA 2522
An improvement of Cheriette, this radish offers good uniformity with a round root,
medium high foliage. Matures in 22 days and makes short tops in Fall. 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)

Similar to Unipack 151, with more savoyed, round leaves. A dark variety that matures in 50 days. Upright plant, tolerant to downy mildew (Races 1 to 7).  
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)


This commercial Butternut yields uniformly sized and shaped fruit. A mid-maturing variety at 110 days, with strong plant vigor and short vine. Fruit colour is cream with dark orange flesh. Good for processing.  
(Photo, information courtesy of Sakata)
batwing_acorn betternut_401 eclipse
Batwing Acorn
An original multi-coloured squash that keeps its colour in
storage. Ribbed and pointed, long conservation weighing 0.6 – 0.9 kg per fruit. A vine plant maturing at 75 days.  
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)
Betternut 401
A hybrid butternut squash with good flesh colour and uniformity on a semi-bush plant with powdery mildew tolerance. Yields a uniform size 3 lb. fruit.
(Photo, information 
courtesy of Rupp)


A new buttercup (kabocha) hybrid squash that yields
3 1/2 lb, black green fruit in 85 days.  (Photo, information courtesy of Rupp)


sun_spot sweet_lightning thunder
Sun Spot
A 1 1/2 pound dark-red buttercup hybrid squash with dry flesh and fruit size that is suitable for today’s small household. Matures in 75 days.  (Photo, information
courtesy of Rupp)

Sweet Lightning
Both ornamental and edible, this 1 to 1 1/4 pound squash matures in 100 days on a semi-bush vine with powdery mildew
tolerance. Good eating qualities.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Rupp)
A 3 1/2 pound buttercup (kabocha) hybrid squash with dry, sweet flesh. Matures in 85 days on a vine plant with good powdery mildew tolerance.  (Photo, information
courtesy of Rupp)

bc_0805 fantastic mirai
BC 0805
This bi-colour sweet corn matures in 82 days and is a high yielder. Good for mechanical harvesting, the ears are wrapped in tight dark green husks. High sugar content.   (Photo, information courtesy of Siegers)
A bi-colour sh2 sweet corn that is high in sweetness and flavour. Large, tender ears snap readily in 74 days.  (Photo, information
courtesy of Seedway)

A good performer for the fresh market and for shipping, this sweet corn has good tip fill and husk coverage. Hand pick only. Matures in 76 days.  (Photo, information courtesy of Siegers)


vitality flavorino romana
Maturing at 60 days with an ear length of 18 cm. This sweet corn reaches a plant height of 1.3 to 1.4 m. Better tip cover than Frisky.   
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)

A cherry-type tomato, small at 35 g per fruit. Harvest singly or in clusters. Tolerant to anthracnose, grey leaf spot, tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium wilt (Race 1).  
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)
An Italian tomato harvested singly or in whole clusters. Tolerant to anthracnose, grey leaf spot, tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium wilt (Race 1). 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco) 
cherry_pie_red agriset_334 bhn_589
Cherry Pie Red
An indeterminate hybrid maturing at 65 days. This cherry type has high yield, sweet taste from a vigorous plant. Tolerant to alternaria stem canker, grey leaf spot, tomato mosaic virus.
(Photo, information courtesy of Norseco)

Agriset 334
Yields a consistently uniform 8-10 oz. firm, high quality tomato with a smooth blossom end. Matures mid-season at 75 days. Intermediate resistance to verticillium, fusarium 1,2 and TMV.  
(Photo, information courtesy of Seedway)
BHN 589
A mid-season large to extra large deep globe tomato with good cover. Medium to tall in size with high yielding, high quality fruit for vine ripe production or roadside stands.   (Photo, information courtesy of Siegers)

linda_stm_0231_ sweet_hearts tormenta_red
Linda STM 0231
This determinate round tomato produces high yields of large to extra large fruit. Has smooth, uniform shoulders with a small blossom end scar. Has excellent firmness and a sturdy plant with good crop cover. (Photo, information courtesy of Sakata)
Sweet Hearts
A brilliant red grape tomato with uniform shape and resistance to cracking. Yields continuous sets  and full clusters to the top of the plant. High brix and excellent shelf life. (Photo courtesy of Sakata Seeds)

Tormenta Red
A semi-determinate Italian tomato with good early production of large sized fruits in 60 days. Tolerant to tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium wilt (Races 1,2), verticilium wilt (Race 1). 
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)

cherry_gold morning_light jade_star
Cherry Gold
This bright orange grape-type tomato is very sweet and offers continuous production throughout the season. Maturity comes at 70 days. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Semences BC)
Morning Light
This grape-type yellow tomato offers continuous production throughout the season. The plant matures at 60-65 days.
(Photo, information courtesy of Semences BC)
Jade Star
Replaces Sugar Belle, is a darker red, dark green rind and round shape. Weighs 4-5 kg at 60 days and is tolerant to fusarium wilt (Race 1).  
(Photo, information
courtesy of Norseco)
patron ishtar ssx_6729
A solid light green with yellow fruit, this pollenizer watermelon has aggressive, non-competing vines for maximum pollination. Easily recognizable from harvestable fruit.
(Photo, information
courtesy of Siegers)
An Oriental-type squash that matures in 40 to 43 days. Large, light green cylindrical fruit growing to 15 cm. Semi-erect, open plant that is easy to harvest. (Photo, information courtesy of Semences BC)
SSX 6729
An extremely productive zucchini that matures in 45 days. The fruit is long and cylindrical  and the plant opens for easy harvest. 
(Photo, information courtesy of Semences BC)

A glossy, medium-dark green zucchini. Easy to harvest from open, semi-spineless plants. Intermediate resistance to ZYMV and WMVII.  (Photo, information 
courtesy of Seedway)


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